Fowlers Live, Adelaide
30th May

The 30th of May would of gone past as a rather miserable winter day if it weren’t for the fact that two of hardcore’s largest and most influential band’s, Defeater and Bane, were about to grace the small town of Adelaide.

Reactions opened to suprisingly few people, but undettered by both the small opening attendance and muddy sound, smashed their way through a rather short set comprising of songs like “Guilt Trip”, “Death Creep”, and “Bound By Blood” off their debut full length “Soul Witness”, which saw some of the more enthusiastic punters sending it side to side at alarming speeds.

Up next was a band whom after 20 years of being a staple act among the international hardcore scene, Bane had made the tough decision to go out in a blaze of glory with one final world tour and parting record in the form of “Don’t Wait Up”. Having experienced Bane for the first time that night, it became very apparent that the world of hardcore was losing something rather special. Despite the barricade (which of course was the focus of much protest from front man Aaron), Bane put on a show filled with a level of emotion and energy that can only be seen by a group of musicians giving it their all one final time. To put it simply: How can Bane Die if Hardcore is Forever?.

Final act of the evening, and frankly what I had been hanging to see since the day it was announced, Defeater took to the stage to a relatively packed out Fowlers. Opening with “Brothers” the reserved acoustic opening to the show was the calm before the storm with Defeater (with no exaggeration) completely raging through the rest of their opening songs; “Bastards”, “No Shame” and “Deadset” before sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy with the likes of “Red, White and Blue” and “Blessed Burden”. Vocalist Derek Archambault’s performance could only be described as a blur of seething anger as he stormed from one end of the stage to the other, with a tone of anger in his voice that captured and enhanced the atmosphere of the bands conceptual song writing so much more than on record.

Defeater closed with fan fave and easily the most emotional song of the evening “Cowardice” before being demanded back for an encore of “Hopless Again”.

Long Live Bane, Long Live Defeater.