Adelaide Uni Bar
23rd May

Saturday 23rd of May marked the date of Brisbane’s extreme metal band A Night In Texas’ debut appearance in the city of Adelaide as a part of the Isolated EP launch organised by RedOak Bookings. With pre-sale tickets sold out before the day of the show, it was safe to say that the night was destined to be huge.

Opening the show tonight were metalcore band Dreading Oceans whom despite the somewhat quiet stage sound were incredibly tight for such a young group of musicians. Playing a mixture of contemporary and progressive metalcore remincisnt of bands like Northlane, their set saw a few punters throw down to some of the tasty-groove orientated breakdowns on offer.

Up second were Harbinger, a band who I can’t praise enough for absolutely smashing their first ever live show. Walking onto the stage adorned in black paint and masks, their stage presence and appearance was just as intimidating as their music. Bringing a slew of grimy downtempo tracks with a nu metal twist, sending many fans into a throwdown frenzy. Harbinger appeared completely at ease on stage. A rarity for a band playing their first show to 200+ people (special mention to the cover of “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed).

Marking somewhat the halfway point of the evening was the re-launch of Keepsake, having just dropped a new demo entitled “Suspended in Obscurity” after rather drastic lineup changes. Keepsake showed zero sign of slowing down, playing songs off of both their debut EP “Recollections” (with guest vocals provided by Jordan of Imagery) and Suspended in Obscurity whilst also mixing things up with a sneaky cover of “The Fathers Seed” by The Plot on You. Micheal Cullen asserted himself to be easily the strongest vocalist thus far in the lineup with screams and yells that simply overpowered all other instruments for the entire set.

Next were local favourites Briarcliff, immediately launching into their most recent single “Rogue”. Frontman Jake contorted on stage as if possesed by satan himself. Largely playing songs off their yet to be announced EP amongst old favourites like “lament” and “Eviserate” off of their 2013 demo “Endgame”, Briarcliff easily asserted themselves as the heaviest band to have played thus far.

Third to last band of the evening and the band a lot of people had been hanging to see, Isolated took to the stage to launch their brand new debut EP “Reclamation”. Having added a third guitarist to their lineup, the brutality of their breakdowns and riffs could not be understated, their set climaxed with guest vocals from Reese of A Night In Texas on the closing track “Catachrestic” (which on record features Colin Jeffs – ex Aversions Crown).

One last band before the headliner, Pridelands take to the stage in support of their newest release “Native”. Absoultely powering through their brand of blistering metalcore, whilst also getting some cat calls from the female members of the crowd, judging by the people singing along, Pridelands will be welcome back in Adelaide whenever they please.

Finally the band everyone came to see, A Night In Texas took to the stage and promptly blew every punter in the general vicinity’s brain out the back of their head. Opening with “The God Delusion” Reese Peters quickly established why he is referred to as one of the best vocalists in Australia, visceral high screams and decimating lows rumbled through the venue, shocking everyone at how tightly performed such extremely fast music can be performed at. With some sneaky guest vocals from myself (Jack Holloway) on “Satans Upheavel”, ANIT smashed their way through new and old songs alike, so popular was their brand of extreme music that the crowd demanded an encore.

Long story short, A Night In Texas are a force to be reckoned with, get behind them or get the fuck out of the way!