Some may not be familiar with the hardcore orientated, metalcore band Earth Caller out of Melbourne, which can be forgivable given the band has only released a few singles before the release of their debut record ‘Degenerate’.

If it is not their infectiously catchy songwriting, then their polarizing position and image (coming underfire from Michael Crafter of all people) in the Australian heavy music scene will have you talking when you find out rebellious attitude and sound is the brain child of none other than Make Them Suffer’s Lachlan Monty.

‘Degenerate’ can be described in a nutshell as the personifcation of popular heavy music in Australia at the moment: combining the rebellious and anti establishment lyrical content of Hellions and Deez Nuts (” Your Enemy” and “Dictated, Not Led”), the pop song writing of Bring Me The Horizon and The Amity Affliction (“Shadow Dance”) and signature metalcore sound of bands like In Hearts Wake and Northlane (“Rise”). All this in conjunction with a lesser seen softer side with clean singing from Mathew Wright of The Get Away Plan (“The Great Divide”), providing at time much needed texture and contrast to the albums general aggression which in some ways draws a likeliness to bands like The Plot in You and For The Fallen Dreams.

However chaotic such combinations may look on paper, ‘Degenerate’ comes together practically seamlessly to provide an album of a caliber rarely seen in debut full lengths let alone the debut release. Maintaining a feeling of urgency from start to end with it’s bone crunching breakdowns , furious speed and catchy pit calls and chorus’s, not to mention Earth Caller’s tight performance on record and crystal clear production courtesy of Shane Frisby.

In closing Earth Caller doesn’t break the mold in any particular way but instead takes the best of what is currently on offer and makes a thoroughly entertaining debut record, perfect for blasting out your car window on a good day. This album will make a degenerate out of you.

Standout track: ‘The Great Divide’