New Zealand hardcore outfit Antagonist A.D have released a new video for ‘Coffin Keeper‘ taken from their new album Haunt Me As I Roam which is out now via UNFD.

The video was filmed at The Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne. Vocalist Sam Crocker explains: “Although the song doesn’t necessarily apply to the subject of the video, the band ethos against animal cruelty is as strong as it ever was. The theme of the video embodies that ethos and then applies the life of the dogs to the lyrical context of the video. Life is too short to be stuck behind a cage. We were very lucky to be allowed into the lost dogs home in Melbourne; they were very accommodating and were excited at any prospect to encourage and promote animal adoption.” 

Antagonist A.D are heading out on the road with Deez Nuts, Relentless, and Earth Caller this June.