Enigma Bar, Adelaide
19th March

Melbourne punk-party outfit The Bennies are on the road with their ‘Party Whirlwind Tour’ and on this night, they made their way to the hollowed turf that is the Enigma Bar  in Adelaide.

Charged with the task of kicking off what was shaping up to be a sold out show, Adelaide newcomers Young Offenders set the tone perfectly for the night ahead. Their brand of British tinged thrash punk, the right amount of profanity and an energy not dissimilar to the headline act seemed a fitting beginning to the night ahead.

She’s The Band took to the stage next as the room started filling up and brought a vibe that was felt throughout. Great skate-punk tunes accompanied by raucous sing-alongs got everybody in the right mood.

Tour partners Foxtrot were next to take the stage and belted out, what can only be described as an amazing set to the now capacity crowd. Although seeming an odd fit for the show, solid time on the road has seen this already great act become something great. Playing with precision and an intensity to match, you can’t help but sense there is big things on the horizon for these lads. After watching their solid set, a headline tour would seem imminent, definitely the pick of the night for me.

And so The Bennies took to the stage. Kicking it off with ‘Bags Of Weed‘ the festival state lived up to its reputation, with the sweaty upstairs band room filled with a strange odor that seemed to make people euphoric and enthused. Thrashing through marquee tracks such as ‘Mushroom Tea‘ and ‘Knights Forever‘ the capacity crowd held captive by the experience (and Antys pants), that The Bennies have made their show.

However, festivals and theatre tours command a different type of set. Club shows are notoriously polarizing and there were some great sets played on this beautiful Autumn Thursday night at the Enigma Bar but the headline band unfortunately on this occasion was not the highlight.