In 2013 with the help of UNFD, Sydney’s hardcore act Hellions dropped their debut LP “Die Young”, which was met with both praise and criticism. Many people were unaware at the time that they weren’t set on marketing something purely to satisfy anxious fans of the The Bride. Determined on starting fresh they took a “shot in the dark” and began a journey to find their new niche in the ever-growing Australian hardcore/metal scene. Their debut album was non-linear in its overall feel and proved be a great success, this approach in songwriting left their sound wide open to flow in whichever direction felt right. It’s easy for bands to get pigeon holed these days and you only have to hear the opening tracks to their latest sophomore record “Indian Summer”, to understand that these guys won’t be cornering themselves in that respect anytime soon.

The opening track “Hellions” is a brutally honest statement about the bands dissatisfaction with the music scene these days, and basically a huge “fuck you” to all the sell outs and fake thrashers, the ones who are destroying everything hardcore stands for. This track is an anthem for all us old souls who still go to sleep with Anthony Civarelli spitting in our ears. Joint by the lyrical stylings of Royal Family’s very own JJ Peters and Real Bad, this is one of the many stand out tracks that doesn’t stutter with it’s in your face attitude. Fuck, these guys had my girlfriend and I two-stepping with our dog in the kitchen this morning. What followed was a a mixture of creative diversity or what the majority would describe as controlled chaos, a mixtape that one can only hope would lead the youth to “Suicidal Tendencies”. Venturing back to Thailand to work once again with long time producer Shane “Buddha” Edwards at Karma Sound Studios resulted in an unbelievably well mastered record.

If flow or consistency is what your reaching for when turning to this record; then maybe take a step back, before you set yourself up for disappointment. It’s an interesting concept they went for, but is nothing truly original. Yes it has balls and yes these boys are a jack of all trades but they are a master of none. With this release they have successfully paid homage to the ones that came before them and hopefully they will continue to keep making music for people to “have a time to”.