Storm The Sky have already made quite the name for themselves in, what my generation would exclaim to be, a really fucking short period of time. Straight out of high school they stomped onto the scene with force a few years back and have been gaining national acclaim ever since. With this in mind, as well as signing onto UNFD and Rise Records for distribution in America late last year, it’s easy to see how there has been quite a lot riding on this debut LP. A record that could literally make or break them.

A completely self-funded trip to Arizona to work alongside US Producer Cameron Mizell (Dream On, Dreamer. Memphis May Fire. Sleeping With Sirens) has proven to be worthwhile. From beginning to end “Permanence” is a strong and ambitious record well worthy of merit. Whilst fans of their more heavier efforts may be at first put off by the more melodic angle the band have pursued, it will soon enough draw them in with it’s powerful ambience, vibrant tones, and catchy hooks. Will Jarratt remains powerful in his clean vocal delivery and has honed in on what was already a stellar range (not unlike that of Kellin Quinn). This time playing a much larger role whilst still giving great contrast to Daniel Breen’s less prominent screams that still demand to be heard. There’s definitely more synth at play throughout this record and gives expanse to their already full-sound. While the band had full artistic control during the recording process, Cameron Mizell’s magic doesn’t go unnoticed. Never failing to bring everything together beautifully within each meaty breakdown and through every pretty chorus.

It’s clear to see the band are now stepping into more radio-friendly territory, whether deliberate or not is beside the point. Every single track is infectious and will be heard with familiarity to other UNFD acts such as In Hearts Wake and The Amity Affliction. Either way you look at it, these tracks are a powerful addition to the bands already solid setlist. While also standing as a huge accomplishment that very few up and coming bands are able to produce on a debut LP. They’ve definitely set the bar high for future endeavours and will be giving Chiodos a run for their money on their upcoming tour.

Stand out tracks include;
Portraits (feat. Matty Mullins), Dead Giveaway (feat. Trenton Woodley), and Tempest.