Everyone enjoys a little ska-punk. Give in to it. Let it consume you in it’s wave of summer-like upbeat delight. Some might say, it’s ‘third wave‘ of summer-like upbeat delight. Eh? EH?!

Perth quintet House Arrest have just released a split with Adelaide based artist The Sorrow Suckers. Although they’re relatively new and perhaps lesser known, these bands are comprised of seasoned veterans in the Australian music industry, with House Arrest featuring members of The Decline and Being Beta, and The Sorrow Suckers featuring members of The Hard Aches.

The release comes through Adelaide based independent label Anchorhead.┬áIt’s available on a name-your-price basis from Anchorhead’s Bandcamp, or if you’re more-so inclined, compact discs are available with some dope-ass artwork from Anchorhead’s webstore.

Get on board!