Adelaide Uni Bar
22nd November

Ne Obliviscaris, current Australian record holders for highest amount of money raised through crowd funding, have successfully returned for their headline tour in support of their most recent effort ‘citadel‘ which has gained critical acclaim globally for its immense sound and song writing. With tour support consisting of Canadian death metallers Beyond Creation bringing what could be described as the quintessence of brutality, the night was set for a sea of raised horns and black shirts. 

Opening the night were local progressive act Dysidia, a band whom openly scoffed at the notion of the 4/4 time signature bringing a wonderfully dramatic, melancholic and mysterious atmosphere to the Adelaide Uni bar with their brand of ambience, punchy drums, key laden songwriting and clean/heavy vocal contrast. Dysidia were truly an indication of what was to come, performing on a level tightness and musicianship later seen throughout the touring bands.

Up next were Beyond Creation, a band so sonically intense the sound alone knocked a light out of its socket and landed on my head. The band’s walls of sound accompanied the technical onslaught brought on by the pummeling blast beasts and thundering fretless bass. Despite being bound to their respective instruments, Beyond Creation were able to give off a raw and unrelenting energy in their stage presence, with growls as loud as lions, my ears were forcibly annihilated by the bands sheer aggression which raised no complaints.

Closing the night and rightfully so were the eternal Ne Obliviscaris, a band whose sound is refined to a razor point, delivering an hour and a half set of equal razor precision. With haunting violin melodies and operatic clean vocals from Tim Charles alongside blackened riffs, the night marked the progress in NeO’s already gigantic 11 year career. Playing songs off their debut album ‘Portal of I‘ as well as ‘Citadel‘, fans were given a chance to experience NeO at their finest. Closing with a beautiful encore of ‘and plague flowers the kaleidoscope’, Ne Obliviscaris cemented their place in Australian heavy music history.