Fowlers Live, Adelaide
15th November

When a tour like this gets announced I don’t think it’s a surprise that we all know it will be complete and utter chaos. The 15th of November marks the Adelaide leg and half way point of Hand of Mercy’s tour in support of their newest record ‘Resolve’. Bringing along for the tour Hellions who are the reincarnation of Melbourne’s The Bride and  whom are due to release their sophomore album in the near future, new national blood Void Of Vision, plus local support from noise/hardcore outfit A Ghost Orchestra and the incredible melodic hardcore group Ambelside.

Tonight’s opening band Ambleside, who are replacing Hindsight, are easily a prime example of Adelaide’s blossoming scene. Setting the bar for a night of raw passion, emotion and overall intensity despite the poor opening attendance demonstrating that Ambleside are a prime example of dedication to their art. Playing songs off their most recognised release ‘New Tide‘ as well as a new yet to be released song entitled ‘Tired Eyes‘, Ambelside are nothing short of one of the best Australian melodic hardcore bands currently touring.
Next up were A Ghost Orchestra, a band whose stage presence and sound can be largely compared to the like of Every Time I Die and The Chariot. Having only seen A Ghost Orchestra live where both the sound and stage presence suffered from another venue’s slightly average equipment, what the band demonstrated was a pleasant return in the form of tough southern tinged riffs from their most recent release ‘Vile Hymn’s’ and chaotic stage presence. All of this made the stage completely theirs and disregarding the still average turn out.

First of the touring bands, Void of Vision, stole the night as the ambiance of their opening track began to ring out with numbers also starting to fill the room. The crowd answered this with a chorus of stomps, clearly indicating that the room was about to erupt into war, and erupt it did. Void Of Vision’s bottom heavy guitars fully kicked in and the presence could be described as nothing less than dominating in a manner that can not be explained unless experienced first hand. Having only just released their new EP ‘Bare Bones‘, the room flew into a mosh fueled frenzy, proving how well received the EP has been despite only being out a handful of days.

The second to last band of the night, Hellions, turned down the intencity slightly, taking to the stage and focusing mainly on crowd participation, with almost every person in the room singing along to the songs played from their successful debut ‘Die Young‘. With a few punters being forcefully kicked out of the venue for stage diving, Hellions managed to encapsulate everything that makes hardcore and metalcore shows fun, with a great vibe being built been vocalist Dre and the audience.

Last band of the night and headliner of the tour  was Hand Of Mercy. With the recent departure of their previous vocalist Scott, whose distinctive voice was a highlight of their previous release ‘Last Light‘,  it was easy to distinguish that Hand of Mercy were playing like they had something to prove  when they blasted onto the stage with opening song ‘Axis‘ off of the current album ‘Resolve‘. Playing songs primarily off the two mentioned albums, Hand of Mercy cemented into the minds of most, if not all, of people present why they are still one of Australia’s most relevant hardcore bands.