The 2014 debut release of Tasmania’s Alpha Wolf titled ‘Origin‘, has been a release that has created quite a bit of buzz in the underground Australian scene. Packed with the sludgy guitar tone and raspy shouted vocals typically seen in the beatdown and hardcore genre, its not hard to see why quite a few people are getting around Tasmanias most hated.

Breaking the EP down by track, opening song ‘Falsehood‘ introduces the listener to what can be expected throughout the EP; dark and eerie lead guitar work, nihilist lyricism and a balance between hardcore orientated riffing and deathcore inspired breakdowns. All this comes as stock standard writing from a standard beatdown band, but is actually pulled off rather well by Alpha Wolf. All songs have their distinctive hooks both instrumentally and lyrically, an example being the breakdown mid ‘Death Bringer‘ followed by a bass + guitar section, which would no doubt be anyone’s favourite part of the EP, or the build up towards the end of ‘I am; Horror‘.

The final track ‘Snake Pit‘ which features Justin Johnson from Gift Giver is easily the highlight of the EP, with Alpha Wolf’s influence of bands like Villains and Sworn In taking centre stage. This track makes ‘Snake Pit‘ the fastest and most memorable song on the EP.

On a whole Origin has a tendency to stick to the blueprints of beatdown as a genre, so more hardcore  orientated fans may be left longing for a bit more diversity throughout 20 or so minutes of the EP. However for die hard or even relatively mild fans of the beatdown/melodic hardcore genre, will still find Origin to be an EP that is perfectly suitable for days where everything is horrible. On an ending note this translates rather well into Alpha Wolf’s live act which is every bit as captivating, mouth frothing and rage inducing heavy as current Australian down tempo kings Graves.

This is definitely a solid debut release which could use a bit more musical diversity but all round a benchmark for Tasmanian local music scene and the genre. You can check out the EP on a name-your-price basis via their Bandcamp Page.