Grim Fandango from Australia’s west announced last year they’d be recording and releasing a brand new track every month this year. Sweet idea, right? In January they released their track ‘Nuclear Dreams’, in February they released ‘Wishmaker’, in March they released ‘Every Happy Ending’, in April they released ‘Colour’,  in May they released ‘Wire-Walker’, in June they released ‘Tin Foil Hat’ and in July they released ‘Oh, Clean Life’ – these are available on a name-your-price basis from Grim Fandango’s Bandcamp.

The latest track to be released is the August instalment, and it’s also a cover – True Tears Of Joy is the band’s tribute to Australian greats Hunters & Collectors.

Grim Fandango are known for their garage meets punk rock sound – and they do it well, with these new tracks being some of the best they’ve released. Late last year, the band released their sophomore album ‘Flicker Noise‘ through iconic Australian label Poison City Records.

Stay tuned for their September release!