It’s a fact that sequels always rule. From the brilliance of The Godfather: Part II to the unbridled adrenaline of Aliens, from the timeless cool of The Empire Strikes Back to the modern surrealist masterpiece that is Speed 2: Cruise Control, sequels all prove that things only get truly great once you go full Electric Boogaloo. 
It is, therefore, with great pleasure that the team at Whisk & Key Records announce their own sequel: Not Fest II! It’s back again in 2014, operating exclusively out of their spiritual home and pickleback hell, the Public Bar, and running over the three days and nights that will make up November 14 to 16. 
They’ve got returning friends to remake your acquaintance, brand new pals they want to show off, interstate travellers to welcome warmly,  and even international buddies to drop into the mix. They’ve got surprises up their sleeves, offbeat shenanigans ready to inject, and plans to turn the fun times up to 11. It’s bigger, it’s better, it’s louder, and it’s even more of a party than the original.  
Not Fest II is the sequel you’ve been waiting for.