If you’ve ever listened to Mayweather’s first release ‘Old Guns‘, then you would be well aware of the band’s high energy brand of punk rock. After dropping their highly produced debut release last year, the band literally took back everything and released a raw, true-to-genre sophmore extended play, aptly titled ‘Take Back Everything‘.

From the second you hit play on the first track, also the title track, you can hear exactly what the band are going for with the new release. It’s filled with memorable vocal hooks that lead into trademark wailing choruses from singer Tommy Woolcock.

The second track, ‘Horror Scene‘, Tackles some strong points about somebody making changes in their life. It has hints of almost whispering vocals, accompanied by eerie bass lines which truly pull you in and immerses you in the atmosphere of the track.
It’s followed by ‘Lions Cage‘, which has some similar characteristics to the band’s first release, giving it a sense of familiarity while maintaining the gritty vocal takes that make their second release so candid.

Towards the end of the release, I found a track that really stands out among the rest. ‘Sinking In‘ seems to blend all their different styles and influences, and creates a solid and unique track. Alongside the gang styled vocals, it will no doubt be a crowd favourite and sing a long during live performances.

The final track from the new release ‘Take Back Everything‘, is one the band dropped as a single earlier in the year. By the time you get to the end of this extended play and stumble upon ‘Renegade’, you will be left wanting more. It’s easily the most memorable song, and you’ll be singing the chorus in your head for days.

This is definitely Mayweather’s best work to date and will undoubtedly carry them onto bigger things for the future.

You can catch them in Adelaide at their EP release show July 26 alongside a huge lineup of local and interstate artists at Fowlers Live.