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The Underground, Adelaide
12th July

Adelaide, nationally renown for having some of the best local talent currently emerging from the scene (I Exalt, Amaranthine, Jack The Giant Killer) has come together via The Artery Foundation to put a killer all ages show on at The Underground, consisting of Melbourne’s Post-Hardcore outfit ‘Storm The Sky‘, Melodic Hardcore band Sierra (fresh off tour with In Hearts Wake), Void of Vision, Amaranthine, Fortress and Our Conquest, who are opening tonight’s festivities.

With music reminiscent of For The Fallen Dreams and The Ghost Inside, Our Conquest signal the start of the night. Seeing a few people merrily throwing down despite the freezing temperature was a testament to the quality of songs that the band belted out during their set.

Up next were the boys in Fortress, a band that have no doubt been influenced by the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Stray From The Path. Despite the solid musicianship, the gritty vocal lines could barely be heard, even from the front row, through out their entire set. None the less a solid performance.

The last of the local supports, Amaranthine, had their set cut short to the disappointment of many. After 3 short songs, the band were stopped under the premise that the show was running overtime. Circumstances aside, vocalist James Koufos managed to set the bar for energetic performances, proving himself to be, with no exaggeration, the strongest and most dynamic vocalist on the bill.

Having never seen Void of Vision in the past, my mind was open to the experience – or at least it would have been, had my brain not been splattered on every wall by the sheer intensity of their live show. The band’s vocalist immediately shattered the a fore mentioned bar, as his energetic performance almost seemed to be a danger to both himself and everyone in the room. If you managed to catch them on the on tour with Elegist, you’d very much be familiar with ferocity of the band’s stage presence.

Just when I thought the level of intensity could not be topped, out came Sierra – a melodic hardcore outfit from Mount Gambier. It quickly became apparent that vocalist Brett Kennedy likes to get personal with the audience, serenading people in an almost uncomfortable proximity. It become apparent that Sierra fans had come out in support, as ‘mic grabs’ were plentiful throughout their set. The envy of the room however, was Brett Kennedy’s beard. That glorious beard.

Storm The Sky opened their set with ‘The Illusionist’, followed swiftly by ‘Common Kings’. Clearly fan favourites, it saw the band receive the most crowd interaction for the night, and cemented their position as a deserving headliner. Although step down in terms of intensity, Storm The Sky still delivered a powerful performance, primarily due to their duel vocalist combo – a rare sight in today’s musical landscape. The added member allowed for more crowd interaction, which in the end saw the most amount of people moving in the last breakdown of the evening.

All in all, a solid lineup was rewarded with a solid turn out – an outstanding show to say the least.