We recently got the opportunity to ask a few questions with Sienna Skies guitarist, Michael, about their recent tour in the U.S. and even the upcoming album. Here’s what he had to say:

Hey Michael, you got back from overseas recently on a tour, tell us a bit about that!
It was great, we were lucky enough that our first US tour was with so many bands we had toured with before. We learnt a lot and experienced so much. The shows were wild and the fans and friends we made were awesome, everyone over there was so welcoming and helpful!

Any highlights of the trip?
We did a lot of standard tour-o stuff which was great, things like seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, drunken night in Vegas, visit time square, the Smithsonian and so on, but the shows were amazing. We played an off day show with Hawthorne Heights in El Paso, Texas which was crazy! Also visiting Walmart was awesome, that place is insane!

Walmart is a whole new world of its own! Did anything weird go down on the tour?
After we played the house of blues in Disneyland we had to pick up a car and move it because it had parked the entire tour in, that was pretty crazy, also while we were recording in Nashville a guy got shot out the front of the studio, the dude that shot him lived next door so that was pretty full on for a few days.

Holy shit, a dude got shot! So being your first tour in the U.S, how’s the reception to your music overseas?
It was really great. We were the first band on the package and not all the shows had local openers but even when we were first to play there were stacks of people there and they were excited to be a part of it. They were so eager and welcoming it was great! It was also very humbling to meet so many people that already knew who we were! Some even driving over 6 hours to see us!

That is unreal. We also hear you’ve been recording a new album?
Yeah, we tracked a new album in Nashville with Brian Hood at 456 Recordings just before we came home, we wrote the majority of the album while on the Scream It Like You Mean It tour and I am really excited to get it out!

We are all really excited to hear it! Any bands or albums you are loving at the moment?
Still loving Like Moths new album, every track is awesome. Also managed to catch a band called “Dangerkids” while we were in DC, they are like a post hardcore version of Linkin Park, worth checking out!

Couple of quick ones, Green Day or Blink 182?
Blink 182

Summer or Winter?

Would you rather speak any language fluently or be able to talk to animals?
Talk to animals for sure! Would be funny to find out which animals were awesome and which ones are jerks!!!

Mosquitoes are total jerks. Finally, what does the future hold for Sienna Skies?
We just announced a March headline tour, the So Long Summer tour which will be great, after that just working on getting the album out and then touring more both at home and overseas!

Looking forward to it dude. Thanks for taking the time to chat, cheers!
Thanks Swanney!




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