The east coast of Australia is home to some pretty awesome bands including Melbourne’s I Am DeLarge. With the recent release of their self-titled EP, we got the chance to have a quick chat with one of the five legends, Adam.

Hey Adam so you guys have recently dropped your self titled EP, where did you record?
We recorded the E.P at Cardinal sound and Legion studio productions. A bit of everything was spread across the two

How has the EP been recieved so far?
Yeah really well so far. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback so we’re pretty siked.

Awesome. Being ex members of some pretty well known bands, how did you guys come together to start I Am DeLarge?
Dan and I thought it’d be fun to do something a lot heavier than what we’ve both probably done in the past. So we started writing some songs and having played a show or two with Hallower, got into contact with Simon and then Julian. Luke and I have done close to 500 bands together so that kind of naturally fell into place.

Well you’re right, its definitely heavy! Any story behind the name?
Haha yeah It’s not really an exciting one but it’s based on a character from A Clockwork Orange. Alex DeLarge is the name of the villain and we thought it sounded cool.. And that’s the end of the story.

What’s your favourite song to play live?
My favourite would be Modern Day Savage or Endless.

How about the hardest?
We have a song which isn’t on the E.P called ‘Bow To None’ that’s the hardest by far.

If you guys could play one show to anyone, who would it be?
If anyone at all came we’d be surprised and happy but if I had to choose it would be Bill Burr. He would make a great heckler.

What are your thoughts on the local scene at the moment? Both band and listener wise. Is it expanding or disbanding?
There’s definitely a lot of good bands around at the moment worth going to watch but it seems like venues are disappearing by the week. I think it’s always expanding but sometimes it just sort of grows in the dark if that makes sense.

Yeah I get you, I’ve seen a lot of petitions over recent years trying to keep venues open. Any band or album you’d say was a major influence over the years?

Haha just straight up Korn. I love it. Whats on the horizon for you dudes, any shows or exciting news coming up?
Yeah we’ve started writing for a full length which we’re really excited about doing and a clip for one of our songs is currently in the works. You may or may not expect to see helicopters, Ferrari’s and lots of jewelry. Also we’re all getting full face tattoos just for the clip… You’ll be able to check that one out in the next month or two.

That sounds like a contender for best video of the year! Thanks for taking the time to have a chat and answer some questions man!
No problem thanks dude!

You can pick up their self-titled EP from their Bandcamp page on a name-your-price basis.



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