We asked Adam Geisler from A Ghost Orchestra a handful of questions, and he was kind enough to answer them for us! Here’s what he’s got to say:

Where did you meet your fellow band members in A Ghost Orchestra?
Long story short, all been good mates for a good amount of time! We have been in bands together before and just generally known each other from other bro bands.

How about your influences, anyone you admire?
I would definitely have have to say bands like, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Converge, The Chariot & Pantera.

Do you remember the first cd you ever bought?
I remember my mum buying me New Kids On The Block but out of my own money. I think it would have to be Cypress Hill live at the Fillmore!

What’s your favourite venue to play?
Thats a hard one! In Adelaide it would be Enigma Bar for sure.

Any band or album you can’t get enough of at the moment?
Also a hard one! Norma Jean “Wrongdoers” is an everyday listen for me. Code Orange Kids “Love is Love || Return to Dust” is very close to that also!

Is there any story behind the name ‘A Ghost Orchestra’ ?
Not a whole lot really, we had a few names before AGO (before we were doing shows). We didn’t want to go for something so standard like a lot of the names around these days. I guess A Ghost Orchestra to us means an unpleasant sound to the standard ear/listener. When people hear the word ‘Orchestra’ they think its going to be a nice easy listening sound. Wrong!

Beer or Wine or Spirits?
All of the above but beer would be the first thing I would steal if the world was ending.

Schwarzenegger or Stallone?
Everyone goes for Schwarzenegger but i have always been Stallone fan! I grew up watching Rambo and Rocky.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, Dogs and only Dogs.

Where can people catch the next A Ghost Orchestra show?
*This Saturday February 15th, Public Bar, Melbourne w/ A Secret Death, Caged Grave, Bateman & Yachtburner.

*Friday February 21st, Enigma Bar, back in Adelaide for our “Vile Hymns” launch with good friends Safe Hands, Raccoon City Police Dept & Valiant Jones.

Be apart of it!

Cheers for taking the time to answer some questions man, you’re a legend.
Thanks dude.



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