Hey folks, I’m Cunno! I’ll be filling you in with the latest news & reviews from the rock scene around the country. I play guitar and a few other things in a couple of bands around Adelaide and love it! I grew up listening to artists like Led Zeppelin, Neil Young & Soundgarden.

Who are your top 3 Australian bands?

All time: AC/DC, Cold Chisel, Jet

Current: Tame Impala, Kingswood, The Snowdroppers

What’s your favorite/best live show you’ve been to?

The best gig I’ve ever been to was Chris Cornell Unplugged at The Adelaide Festival Theatre. He blew the freakin’ roof off with his golden pipes!

Which upcoming band do you reckon people should watch out for?

People should definitely watch out for Adelaide rockers ‘Angels of Gung-Ho’ and a band from Sydney called ‘CREO’, those boys are smashing it!

What’s your favourite place to chuck a mosh?

My favourite venue in Adelaide to chuck a mosh would have to be Jive – killer venue, or just give me a few too many brews and i’ll mosh to anything..!



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