Metcalfe – these dudes know how to hardcore. We’re a little late to the party with their debut release, ‘Buried Above Ground‘, but this 6-track is impressive.

This is a mighty fine sounding release so our compliments to the chef, Clayton Segelov, who tracked the release at The Brain Studios in central Sydney. Alan ‘The Master‘ Douches, over at West West Side in the states, has worked his mastering wizardry over the release – and it sounds mint.

They come out swinging with a short, sweet number called ‘Respect‘. It gets straight to the point and then it’s over before you’ve even cracked the top on your first after-work beer. And for that reason, is why this one is a personal favourite. But there’s no fucking around, so for their next trick they serve up the best damn riff we’ve heard for a while. ‘Willbreaker‘ is a mammoth track, with breakdowns for verses! Rad. It’s backed up by ‘Condemned‘, a fast paced track with high energy, and a guitar solo to boot! Anything with a guitar solo has my tick of approval. And this guy is a shredder! The title track is a ballsy hardcore staple with solid beats, big tones and top of the lungs vocals – much like it’s neighbour ‘Unclear‘. Closing the playlist is a somewhat softer track, in ‘The Friend I Had‘. It briefly features some cleaner tones before it busts into one hell of a chorus.

This is a solid release, and you’ll struggle to believe it’s their debut. It’s available on a name your price basis from the Metcalfe Bandcamp, and worth your time and money. Check it out if you like your music loud and heavy!


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  1. Lad says:

    Best band ever, good to see them getting the kind words they deserve!


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