We asked Ziggy Britten from Max Goes To Hollywood a handful of questions, and he was kind enough to answer them for us! Here’s what he’s got to say:

Where did you meet your fellow band members in Max Goes To Hollywood?
ahhh max actually added me on msn messenger when i was like 18 and he was 14 but we never officially met until about 4 years later. I think we first spoke at a MMA gym which is funny. We made plans to start a hardcore band together and somehow we ended up with this band haha. Jerome and I met through his older brother when we were teenagers. He was into the same music I was and I actually ended up joining an emo band he had started which is also pretty funny.

Where’s the next Max Goes To Hollywood show?
We are playing on thursday actually! We get a little bit weird playing on weeknights so if people are into getting weird then come to the tote on thursday! Our next saturday night show is at the brunswick hotel on the 22nd of feb. Its with a bunch of great bands and will no doubt be a ripper.

Do you still get nervous before playing?
Not really anymore. It depends on the shows. I always get nervous that people wont turn up to shows but im usually fine when I have to play. We also drink a lot more before we play these days so that could have something to do with it.

Who have you been listening to lately?
HEAPS OF GREAT STUFF! I recently downloaded Marrowbone Lane By Chewing on Tinfoil which is really awesome and i cant stop listening to it. Lots of The Front Bottoms. Also the new king’s cup album is rad! I would be listening to FOLEY! if they had anything recorded because they are the best band ever!

Do you remember the first CD you ever bought?
The first CD I ever got with my own money was The slim shady LP by EMINEM! I still love that album so I love telling people about it. I remember going into the shop with my mum because I was too young to buy it myself and the lady in the shop tried to talk mum out of letting me buy it. Cranzy stuff!

And the first concert you attended?
28 Days used to come and play all ages shows in warrnambool all the time so I wanna say 28 Days. The first big show I ever went to was like Boys of summer 2007 I think?? The line up was like I killed the prom Queen, Silverstein and The getaway plan. That was the sickest show haha

Beer, Wine or Spirits?
CIDER ALL THE WAY! Adelaide hills cider is my favourite. I have actually converted jerome and max into cider drinkers since starting this band haha

Cats or Dogs?
DOGS!!! Although I like cats. But dogs are just heaps better right?

Batman or Superman?
Batman is obviously heaps cooler but superman is superhuman! The thing is if superman lost his powers batman would woop his ass. Batman dont have powers batman is just a plain old badass. Batman for sure.

And finally, has Max been to Hollywood?
Hes never been there and I doubt he plans to go. He went to a hollywood sign at fed square once. Theres a photo of it on our facebook page i think.

Thanks Ziggy you mad dog!



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