Hey friends, I’m Upto. I’m doing news, reviews and anything else that comes up! The first CD I ever bought was AC/DC’s Stiff Upper Lip. I ain’t even ashamed. I play the drums quite poorly and I like to read comics – don’t even get me started on the DC universe.

Who are your top 3 Australian bands?
Gay Paris, Surprise Wasp and the sadly disbanded Milhouse

What’s your favorite/best live show you’ve been to?
It hasn’t come yet, but it will be the day I get to see Big D and The Kids Table.

Which upcoming band do you reckon people should watch out for?
Secondhand Squad have some corker tracks. Get your shit together Dan!

What’s your favourite place to chuck a mosh?
I tend to rock the subtle mosh. It’s easy on the knees. And mostly in the car.



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