Yo I’m here to give you some news, reviews & just have an all round great time. I grew up listening to Millencolin, MXPX, NOFX etc. These days I’ll be at local hardcore shows hanging by the bar or selling some sweet clothes. I’m a bit of a gamer and yes, the red hair is natural.

Who are your top 3 Australian bands? 1. Glorified 2. Trainwreck 3. Abandon All Hope (RIP)

What’s your favorite/best live show you’ve been to? Suicide Silence @ Fowlers Live a few years back. Legitimately a one of a kind show, nearly blew the roof off the place!

Which upcoming band do you reckon people should watch out for? Where do I begin the list…. Mayweather, Archives, Glorified, Trophy Eyes….I could go on for days!

What’s your favourite place to chuck a mosh? wherever the mood is right & the tunes are tight!



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