Since the days when caveman roamed the land, there has always been one defining feature on a man that gave him that hardened edge. The beard. Over the years as man has developed into what it is today, the humble beard has transformed into a huge symbol of toughness and manliness. While this is how it should be, in recent years a new breed of human, the hipster, has tried with all it’s might to destroy everything that we all know and love about our beards. The beard purest however, will stand strong and shun these fedora sporting trendy types, and continue to support a manly old fashioned beard. There have always been some pretty good beards floating around, but no group took things to the next level like the Amish. These guys knew what was up, and even to this day have some pretty impressive facial hair. Another things beards are well known for being involved with is the heavy metal scene, and today we are excited to bring you the debut EP from Melbourne thrashers Join the Amish.

While the may have only been around a short amount of time, it didn’t take long for Join The Amish get fired up and take a stranglehold on the thrash bands in Melbourne. Boasting members of some of Melbourne’s best past metal acts such as The Abandonment and Shallow Grave, Join The Amish know their what they are doing, and they do it better than anyone else around. The band expel an exciting brand of party thrash metal, while keeping things pretty light hearted and not being afraid to poke fun at a few people along the way. As things get rolling with the intro to Mascara Storm, you cold be forgiven for thinking that you have just dropped back into the 80’s as you are serenaded by some dark riffery that soon leads to an explosion of speed and ferocity. As things progress the band keep up the momentum with no backing off and unleashing an onslaught of riffs and giving a bit curry to even the greatest of Australians in Shane Warne. With the experience behind them, this debut recording has been put together incredibly well, and sets a benchmark for all the young up and coming bands to try and live up to.

The Rumspringa Diaries may only be the first release from Join the Amish, however, these guys have managed to put together an exciting and fun debut record.Thrashing from start to finish, we have no doubt that many a beer bong will be consumed while listening to these tracks, and lots of fans will be waking up with debilitating headaches after the see these guys play. With their debut Ep now out of the way, we can’t wait to see what is next for Join The Amish. If you are into your thrash metal, make sure you wrap your ears around this release and get out to a show to catch the band in action and you will not be dissapointed.

The Rumspringa Diaries is out now through the band

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Rating: 24/28 Days





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