Cover (2)Bowcaster is a Star Wars-inspired noise-rock band from Melbourne, Australia. At the initial formation of the band, it seemed like a good idea to base the lyrics and sound of the band on the much-loved original trilogy. The usual cryptic introspection and overflowing angst of past projects and most other heavy bands in Australia had become, for lack of a better term, boring.

Bowcaster sought only to enjoy writing heavy and loud music without the overzealous attitudes of many of their peers. The band slowly developed a thunderous and rhythmic sound to promote the sonic qualities of the X-wing and the lightsaber, and to oppose the typical metal and hardcore of Australia. The band played extensively in Melbourne, later touring with The Nation Blue.

Following a 7″ record released in 2011, a full-length album was recorded with James Balderston (A Secret Death, Grim Fandango, Robotosaurus) and is now available for digital download. The album features guest vocals from Jesse Coulter (Grenadiers) and Izzy (Robotosaurus).

You can check out a stream of the album below.





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