This month we are pretty excited to announce our latest Band of The Month. Join The Amish are a ripping party thrash band from Melbourne, who have been melting faces all over the place for around the last year. Containing members of legendary Melbourne bands such as The Abandonment, Identity Theft and Shallow Grave, these guys know exactly what they are doing, and how to do it extremely well. After a recent stint playing alongside Municipal Waste, the band got to show a packed house what they are capable of, and left everyone in attendance impressed. Congratulations to our band of the month for October, Join The Amish!

¬†Taking their cues from 80’s thrash and hardcore crossover happenings JOIN THE AMISH bring the noise into our current consciousness with a banging head. While letting those old enough reminisce the glory days when scenes were separate and blending styles was an extreme statement of intent The Amish show those too young to remember the sense of pure hardcore fun missing in a lot of music since.¬†featuring members from previous melb bands including Embodied,The Abandonment,Mid Youth Crisis,Identity Theft and A process of.¬†Think D.R.I think SUICIDAL, think M.O.D ,Thrash Metal and more! Think about moshing and thrashing! Get along and JOIN THE AMISH




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