Modern life can be frenetic and schizophrenic; we rush around changing jobs, plans, living arrangements and friends at a blistering pace. What’s more, the communications and media content we engage with buzzes incessantly on the proliferation of social media platforms and digital devices that provide anywhere, anytime access to just about anything we want in the moment. Amongst all the noise and confusion it’s hard to not exist in a state of almost constant distraction. So there’s definitely something to be said for an artist who can lead you away from the sound and fury and into a space characterised by an enjoyable, calm serenity.

Lucy Wilson is one artist capable of taking you to that space, as she demonstrates in her debut EP Full to the Brim. This four-track work is a stripped-back-to-its-basics musical offering in which Wilson’s angelic voice is unquestionably the centre of attention. It’s a voice which encapsulates a simple beauty while still managing to be commanding, strong and captivating; and the gentle and unobtrusive strumming accompanying it allows Wilson’s vocals to radiate. It’s a combination that really works, and the result is an engaging set of songs brimming with earnestness, hope and contemplative reflection.

Things kick off with Tall Man with a Tan, a song that laments the past while remaining hopeful of what’s to come, and a song that is also a little bit fun. There’s the slightest hint of country twanging through, and some devilish utterings in that angelic voice, and it mixes together to form a delectable and thoroughly enjoyable opening.

The second, eponymous track showcases Wilson’s vocal abilities in full, with the powerful voice exercised in sufficient measure for the song to achieve a simple, raw beauty.

Misinterpreted Company captures a certain strength and is a highly listenable song, and while it’s as reflective a piece as its fellow tracks, Wake Up Alone will see you finish up this fine EP fully engaged; it’s catchy and will defy you to not join in and sing along with it.

All in all this a great debut from Wilson and well worth a listen. It’s chilled but compelling, something that will soothe and relax you, but that is magnetic enough to have you paying attention and absorbing every word. Listen to this when you want to take stock, reflect, and escape the maddening crush for a moment.

Lucy Wilsons debut 7” ‘Full To The Brim’ is out through Jackknife Music this September. Pre Order with Instant download will be available in August. Stream a song now at & check out for updates.  

Rating: 23/28 days




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