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This month we are excited to be able to feature an exciting solo artist who has been working really hard over the past few months to promote his latest release. Nathan Seeckts has just released his brand new EP title ‘Oceans of Women and Wine’, and has been putting in the hard yards getting out playing a heap of shows to in support of the release. After a building up his name over the past few years playing along some pretty big names in the local scene, as well as appearances at the Tyre Swans Picnic, Nathan is now out to show us what he can do. We are very proud to announce Nathan as our Band of The Month, and given that Oceans of Women and Wine is an absolute belter of a release, make sure you pick up a copy today.

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Pick up a copy of Oceans of Women and Wine through Nathan Seeckts

Acoustic folk storyteller Nathan Seeckts creates sing-a-long tales filled with memorable characters and engaging storylines.

Inspired by artists such as Paul Kelly, Ben Nichols and Bruce Springsteen, Nathan’s songs are heartfelt narratives that speak loudly of personal experience.

“Whether it’s stories about decaying buildings and long forgotten landmarks around where I grew up, to dancing to old records as the summer sun sets slowly in the west, or thoughts that’ve popped into my head as I’m sitting in a carpark staring out across the bay at the Melbourne skyline, these are tales that come from where I live. The place that I call home”.

Nathan’s latest release is a 6 track EP titled “Oceans of Women and Wine”. As he has with his previous two releases, Nathan engineered and produced the EP himself in his home studio during April of 2013. This time around he was joined by several friends/guest artists, including the amazing Chris Black and Lucy Wilson.

“Oceans of Women and Wine” is an independent release, available digitally through from late June, with physical copies available online and at selected independent record stores such as Poison City Records (Melbourne) and Clarity Records (Adelaide).




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