528176_10151440912157732_1923762408_nWe are pretty excited to be able to bring you an EXCLUSIVE from our friends in Lo! of are currently making their way across Europe playing a heap of  shows. The band will be sending us through updates as they go, and you can check them, all out in this post as we get them!

Day 16.

13th show. Tonight’s show was meant to be in Zagreb, Croatia but due to concerns on the border crossing for all the bands and the possibility of having to pay a large amount of tax for all our gear and merch, there was a decision to cancel the show and reschedule it in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ljubljana is about an hour and a half drive from Zagreb, and as people there got really upset that the show was cancelled Cult of Luna organized a bus to take people from Zagreb through to the show tonight. Amazing gesture from Cult of Luna and I really am continuously in awe of how they operate and behave with their fans. We roll into Ljubljana around 5pm. The show tonight was in an old army barracks that has been set up with a few different venues, bars, and art installations everywhere. The room is probably the smallest there will be on the tour with a max capacity of 220 people. We started up around 9pm and the place was packed! Really great show and we were well received. Seeing The Ocean and Cult of Luna on such a small stage was an absolute treat and the energy in the room was ridiculous. One of the most fun on the tour so far.

Day 17.
Day off. I write “day off” and imagine us having a sleep in and lazing around for the day. Nope. Today was a monstrous driving day as we had to make our way from Ljubljana to Bucharest in Romania for a show tomorrow. In discussions with Mattias, Cult of Luna’s tour manager last night, we decided to follow their route up through Hungary avoiding Croatia and the possible issues at the border. This would add three hours to the journey but was a safer option. We plugged Budapest into the GPS and headed off. After an hour we arrived at a border crossing which didn’t really make sense. Next thing we see is that we’re at the Croatian border. Shit. We kept cool and handed our passports over to the officer. They had a look ,asked where we’re going and then waved us through. Unbelievable! We reset the GPS for Bucharest and got rolling. The next 14 hours was spent driving through five countries. From Croatia, we crossed into Serbia, then from Serbia into Bulgaria, then a ferry across to Romania. At each crossing we had to get out, open the back of the van, hand over passports, get stamps, pat the local street dogs and then get back in the van. At the Serbian border and the Bulgarian border the guards were really cool so we gave them each a copy of the new album. I’m sure they’ll love it! We finally crossed into Romania at about 11pm, and decided to head to a town about an hour and a half away called Craiova where we looked for a hotel along the first road we came in on. Ended up at a quaint little place on the main road where a couple of guys in reception made us have a couple of beers with them on arrival. Finally crashed at 2am to sleep as long as we could before we get on the road again tomorrow.

401941_172592916234174_1774722779_nDay 18.
14th show. Last night was possibly the longest sleep we’ve had since starting the tour. A healthy 8 hours! Tonight’s show in Bucharest is at an amazing venue called the Silver Church. We arrived around 3pm after a very bumpy drive from Craiova. We loaded in and then decided to go for a bit of a sight see as The Ocean were still sound checking and we’d have to wait around until our turn. Went and saw an amazing palace about 20mins walk away then headed back. We’re due on at 8 tonight and have a 40 min set so added one more longer song into the half hour set we’ve been playing and we were good to go. The place was packed out about one song into our set and there was a really intense energy in the place, which we fed off and in turn the crowd started getting really fired up and excited. It was one of our best shows of the tour in my opinion and I’m psyched we’ve still got 11 shows to go. Not sure if it was just my mood tonight but I got really emotional watching Cult of Luna. It was such an intense show and they just brought the roof down on the place it was incredible and one of my best experiences seeing them this tour. We’re staying on the floor of a Romanian friend of the promoter tonight so we headed back to his around 2am with a couple of excited Romanians and had a couple of delicious 2 litre beers before crashing.

Day 19.
15th show. Tonight’s show is in Timisoara. We expected a 7.5 hour drive to get there, but that was highly unrealistic. After an 11.5 hour drive, through some of the worst roads I’ve ever seen we arrived at the venue. A couple of things that scared us on this drive was the fact that people really don’t seem to have any road sense and overtake and speed like absolute idiots. We saw three over turned trucks and found out when we go to the venue that there had been a number of fatalities on the road too that day. Brutal. So back to the show, we arrived at 7.15pm after the drive and were due on stage at 8pm, so did the quickest load in in the history of the world, and then a quick sound check to be ready for 8pm. We played really well and so did Cult and The Ocean. We got put up in a hotel for the night and finally retired there about 2am. As fun as the Romanian shows were and as awesome and excited as the crowds were, I think we’re looking forward to getting off these roads.

397932_10151551649177418_1986975760_nDay 20.
16th show. Only a short drive over the border into Hungary and to Budapest today. Apparently the show tonight is on a boat and is being filmed and recorded for the 10 year anniversary of the venue. As we pulled into Budapest we were all blown away by how beautiful this city is. With the massive Danube river running through the centre and some stunning architecture we all immediately noted this as a place to come back to for a holiday. We arrived at the venue and sure enough it was a boat! A bloody big boat but a boat none the less. We loaded in and as Cult were still sound checking we decided to go check out one of the historic baths that are dotted around Budapest. We found one about 20 mins walk away and headed off. The baths were incredible. It’s water full of minerals, and there are different pools at different temperatures. A couple of the guys got massages and we had an overall relaxing and refreshing time. We all had dinner together tonight before we went on stage. One thing that has been pretty amazing on this tour is that Jamie has been jumping up on stage nightly with The Ocean to sing a song from their new album Pelagial. It’s incredible to see and Jamie just sounds like a ferocious monster! In turn, Loic from The Ocean, has been jumping on stage to sing the final part of “So Below” with us which he actually did a guest vocal for on our album. Tonight was an amazing night and all bands destroyed the place.

Day 21.
17th show. Bit of a drive today but not too bad over to Innsbruck in Austria to play at a smaller venue called PMK. I think capacity was about 200 and it was incredibly packed from the beginning of the show. Innsbruck is a pretty town surrounded by massive snow capped mountains. It’s truly a sight to behold and again would loved to have had more time to explore the place. We’re all starting to run fairly thin on cleanish clothes. In fact, we’re all starting to recycle back to the front of dirty stuff. The van has a smell about it now that is oppressive and just gross! One of my most exciting things today was I bought a new 5 pack of socks! We were all feeling really exhausted tonight so actually ended up leaving to our hostel before Cult of Luna finished playing to be able to get some sleep as we have a 1,000km drive tomorrow to Wroclaw, Poland for Asymmetry Festival.

Day 22.
18th show. Really long drive today over to Poland, but we were on freeways pretty much the whole time so splitting the drive between the four of us and we got there in good spirits. Asymmetry Festival was a late add for us, as originally it was just going to be Cult of Luna playing. We were invited to play about two weeks before we left Australia, and it was quite an incredible festival. Bands like The Melvins, Amenra, Mayhem and a heap of others play and it was a pretty electric vibe at the venue. The funniest thing about tonight is that we were closing off one of the stages and were due on stage at 1.40am… There were many calls as to if we should go to our hotel and have a sleep before we go on or just charge on through. We ended up going to the hotel for showers and then headed back in to the venue to check some stuff out. Cult of Luna destroyed the place as per usual and it was great to see them on such a monstrous stage again. We went on after a German band called Throwers who were killer so check them out if you can. Being 1.40am, there were a great deal of very drunk people in the crowd and we got them very fired up and excited. It was an amazing show and definitely one of the most fun of the tour without a doubt. Would definitely recommend Asymmetry Festival and would be keen to play again in the coming years.

487603_10151928257747627_142907_nDay 23.
19th show. Today we play our first German show so headed off from Wroclaw early to the town of Marburg. Marburg is a pretty little medieval town that wasn’t bombed during the war so has some really stunningly beautiful areas. Tonight was going to be a very BIG night as the Cult of Luna guys and The Ocean only leave on their bus at 7am which means we could all go out on the town. The show was killer and a really responsive crowd for all bands. We had no accommodation tonight so made an announcement on stage and sure enough we were picked up by a dude named Chris who offered up his floor. Pretty much everyone went out tonight after the show till the early hours and at various levels of disgustingness! At one point Griff and me were sleeping in a doorway as we waited for the others to come home. That was after I’d had a sleep on the couch in the absinthe bar we were in. It was great to finally have a good blow out with everyone and I feel like we’ve all made some really great friends on this tour.

Day 24.
20th show. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever felt as hung over as I did today in my entire life. No driving duties for me. We headed off around midday towards Munich which was about a 2.5 hour drive. One of the shortest between venues on this tour. We arrived and headed into the venue. Everyone is very hung over and dusty! The show tonight is in a pretty large space, about 500 capacity. The place was packed from early and we played a solid set, and had one of our best nights of merch sales. The Ocean destroyed the place and Cult of Luna trampled it and shook it to the ground. Really great show tonight from everyone. We stayed at the venue tonight in the band apartments upstairs. Ocean and Cult guys were not leaving till about 9am so ended up being another large night with a bunch of Munich locals.

934614_172592959567503_1087875724_nDay 25.
21st show. Today was a pretty heavy day. We only had a couple of hours drive to get to Stuttgart so we decided to go visit the Dachau concentration camp which is pretty close to Munich. The first thing that hits you when you walk through the gates is how massive the camp was. It was frighteningly large and as we walked through it towards the crematorium and through the barracks it made us all feel quite ill. Atrocious that something like that could actually have happened in such an organized and merciless fashion. We spent a couple of hours there then headed to Stuttgart. The venue was actually really difficult to find as it was under one of the main road accessible through a stairwell that snaked below. Cult were still sound checking so we grabbed cameras and went for a bit of an explore. Pretty town and many university students milling around. Another packed show tonight. The Germans really do love their metal and some quite enjoy leather pants too it seems! All bands destroyed tonight so was a really great vibe backstage. Stayed at a hostel pretty close to the venue as no one took us up on our offer of merch for a floor to stay on!

Day 26.
22nd show. 500km drive today, which on the autobahn is a piece of cake. The roads in Germany are really amazing. Show tonight is a town called Bielefeld which is a smaller town, but the venue was massive. We loaded in and a couple of us almost lost it with excitement when we saw there was a washing machine at the venue. It could have been close to one of the happiest days on the tour. My shirt and jeans I’ve been playing in could actually stand up by themselves and had a smell that I could not really put into words. It has to be smelt to be understood. Multiply that by four of us in the van and you can imagine how vile we and our clothes were smelling! Played a great show tonight, possibly one of our best of the tour I think. Cult of Luna destroyed the place and I think it was actually the loudest show they’ve played. We made a call out for a floor and one of the barmen offered up his place which was great. Only problem was he wanted to party and only at 4am did we finally convince him to go home so we could sleep! Brutal!

248355_172592866234179_747054094_nDay 27
23rd show. Slept until midday today and after a bit of breakfast and possibly the worst coffee I’ve ever had in my life we jumped back into the van and headed off to Koln for the show tonight. It’s getting a little sad that there are only three shows left and even though we’re all exhausted, we could play on forever. Had a delicious Thai dinner that the venue made for us all. Tonight was actually sold out so the place was buzzing from well before we opened up proceedings with our set. Every band was on fire today and the crowd was really responsive to everyone which is killer. We stayed on the floor of a lovely girl named Carol, who responded to our note at the merch desk. I love this about Europe and we’ve been really lucky most times we’ve put up the notes only having to resort to hostels a handful of times.

Day 28.
24th show. Koln was completely hammered in the war and one area that was of interest to see was the large gothic church in the middle of town. Everything was flattened except for two massive spires of the large gothic church. Pretty amazing to walk around. For some reason we had ice cream for breakfast today which was just foolish. Tonight’s show is the second last of the tour and is in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We headed off from Koln for a 3 hour drive and pulled into Rotterdam around 4pm. It’s a really early show tonight. With doors at 6pm and us going on at 6.30. It was another sold out show and the place was pretty packed before we hit the stage. I think we smashed it tonight and it was definitely one of the most fun shows we’ve played. We loaded out straight after we played as we’re going to drive 5 hours tonight to knock off some kms on the way to Berlin. One thing that sucked tonight was during The Ocean’s set, Jamie was at the back of the crowd when they called for him to come through and jump on stage to sing the song with them. The crowd actually wouldn’t let him through so he missed the start and came back to the back of the room all dejected and angry. He should have covered himself in butter then he could have just slid through. We left just before Cult of Luna played tonight to set off to Hambuhren to spend the night at Robin’s parents place again. We arrived a bit after 2am and went quietly into the house. We were pretty stoked to find a bottle of water and a toblerone on each of our beds. Good people!

Rz_098Day 29.
25th and final show for the tour. We set off around 9am for a 3.5 hour through to Berlin for our last show today. It’s Pelagic Fest, which is our record label’s festival. Pretty amazing festival and 800 presales already so we knew it was going to be a cracker. Bands on the bill were Earthship, Abraham, Kruger, Khoma, EF, The Ocean, Cult of Luna and Lo!. Amazing bill and we felt so proud to be playing with such a crew of great bands. One other thing that was amazing about today is that all the guys in Lo! that have wives and girlfriends were being met today by them in Berlin. We got into the venue around 1pm, and after loading in, all went our separate ways to see our loved ones. Saw my wife and one year old baby for the first time in a month which blew my mind! They’re both coming to the show tonight. My little one with a pair of pink protective headphones! Doors were at 4pm, and Earthship started off proceedings at 5pm. We were due on stage at 5.45pm with a furiously fast turn around in 15 mins after Earthship were done. We started on the dot and I do think this was actually our most intense show of the tour. Last show and all, we were all on fire and I think we gave Berlin a great show. All bands after just got better and better till Cult of Luna finally took the stage around 12am. It was incredible. The sound was massive, the crowd went nuts and it was the perfect place to see them play the final show of the tour. There was an after party after the show for all the bands which went on till the sun was peaking it’s little head up on the horizon.

To sum everything up, this tour was an amazing experience for all of us in Lo! and we’ve made some really great friends in The Ocean and Cult of Luna. We’ve learnt a million things as a band from these guys, and about ourselves in this band. We’ve also realized we want to come back to Europe for another tour as soon as humanly possible. Thanks to everyone involved for looking after us in the crew, bands, people that let us stay with them and generally anyone who came to a show and went nuts with us.

We’ll see you back in Europe real soon.





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