Your name could be Keith. Or it could be something really cool such as Gunnar or Hunter. Same goes for your band- you could have named it Carrot or something else shit, or you could have purposefully anointed it the greatest name in existence such as these lads from the Central Coast of NSW- Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt. Playing a blazing style of berserker lunacy inspired sorta-grind tunes, these weirdo’s have songs that last less than a minute and more ideas in an intro than many other bands could fathom in a whole album.

On ‘Dys/Closure,’ their second album, FGWMWS certainly up the ante from their previous release, the debut ‘Counter/ Transference,’ the release that got everyone talking about these guys in the first place. Sure the name had something to do with it, but you have to be able to back up a name such as that with a solid repertoire of tunes. Luckily, the gu7ys have grown and grown, unleashing a truly spasmodic burst of angular Spazzy/ Grind metal that is sure to confuse, challenge and entertain.

Packing 15 songs into 22 minutes, FGWMWS certainly pack the content into a tight little package, highlighting the need to get in, explode, explore for a second and then get the hell out of there, regardless of what the listener thinks they need. By way of comparison, bands such as Heavy Heavy Low Low and early Dillinger Escape Plan may be reference points, but since these guys have basically a style all of their own, its hard to draw such inferences easily.

Opening with gems such as ‘Quotidian’ and ‘Unrelenting Standards,’ FGWMWS certainly set the tone early, but what must be admired and commended are the vocals- a howling, screeching mess of a thing that move from mid to low range seemingly at will- a bark ready to signal a new turn in direction for each of these mini-jams. ‘Same Again’ sees a different approach utilized- almost a melodic, atmospheric build up that shows of some diversity, before they ruin that change in style with the awesomely stuttering ‘Ears.’

Funnily enough, not that you want them to change their style, but where FGWMWS really excels is on the longer song ‘N Equals’- a rollicking beat of a track that builds and rises to crescendo with a considerable amount of restraint on the bands part I am sure. ‘Little Consequences’ sees them return to their comfort zone with glee abandon and on the awesome ‘Home Truths,’ you will wonder how so many cool riffs and a sing-a-long section could be implemented in only 50 seconds. The sing-a-long’s dont stop there however, with album closer ‘Within’ serving as an almost call to arms with room afforded to the band to experiment against a back drop of noise and barking vocals.

This album, while it may not be for everyone, is challenging, frustrating and relentless in its approach and non-conformist ways. That makes it something pretty awesome in my eyes (and ears). With what they have crafted here, a clear progression in sound but with a tight grip on their overall intentions, its seems that FGWMWS seem destined to grow and grow into the black sheep of the Australian metal community they deserve to be. What an awesome, awesome album. And that name…


Dys/Closure is available for through Art As Catharsis Records HERE

Rating: 25 / 28 Days




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