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This week is Safe Hands Week over at Chucking a Mosh. Safe Hands have been a dominating force in Australian music for a long time now, and this Friday 1st March will see the band releasing their new record, Montenegro, through Pee Records.

We are incredibly excited to be offering an EXCLUSIVE Stream of the album for this week only. Every day this week on this page you will be able to hear 3 new tracks, along with a bit of a description about each track from the band. We have been fortunate enough to hav already heard this album in full and have just put up a review of the release which rated an incredibly high 27 out of 28 Days! You can check out our review of Montenegro HERE.

We cannot wait for you all to hear these tracks, and we hope that you enjoy Safe Hands week at Chucking a Mosh!

Make sure you pick up your copy of Montenegro from Pee Records HERE

For all details on Safe Hands Australian Tour kicking off this week click HERE

Today we are previewing the last 3 tracks from Montenegro, Somnambulance, My Own Vesuvius and Meontenegro. You can check out the bands thoughts on each track below.



Somnambulance was the other song we recorded an earlier version of for the split with Vanity. Like Alma Martyr, it stemmed from Sandy bringing in the opening drum pattern and the rest of the song was built around it. This is also the only track to feature a large portion of clean singing, which took an eternity to get right as for some reason I insisted on doing all the screaming first. There’s a running contest/endurance test amongst our guitarists to do the entire outro in downstrokes. I don’t think anyone wins, particularly not Sandy on the drums. Anthony brought in the lyrics for this one and the original working title was Land Sea Lions after the joke from the Futurama Atlanta/Atlantis episode to go with the under-the-sea motif.

This was the last song written for the album and very nearly didn’t meet the deadline for recording but has since become a collective favourite of the band. The song originally had a building intro that went for about a minute and a half but we ditched it in favour of going berserk from the get-go. At the time of recording none of the guys had any idea of how the vocals were going to go so I had to conduct the boys through some bewildered gang vocals without being sure if they’d turn out any good. The descending riff in the middle of the song is a cut up version of a riff from an old demo dating back to 2008 which I’m happy got to see the light of day in some form. Lyrically it’s just about the nature of desperation and one night stands filtered through a bunch of big riffs. So a song we originally thought of as too silly more than once during writing has turned out to be very late gem on the album.

Another song written very late in the game. The first half of this one was written around the time of History’s Fucking Afterthought with the song ending at the ring out section after a few minutes. We came up with the idea of adding the bass chord section that we’d been tinkering with and voila: we finally cracked the five minute mark. Mick’s guitar tone at the end of the song was so thick that our producer Mat had no option but to cut a large chunk of it out because it was destroying the mix. Lyrically it revolves around my lingering guilt over not accomplishing much in my life thus far but also trying to explain to my family that I’ve found a strange peace in lurching around on stage and screaming at people (still on stage). I also attempted to bring the theme of the album full circle by re-using some lyrics from Death In Leura and also in the title of the song which is Spanish for “black mountain,” an idea I put forward as the title of the album too. We were also extremely fortunate to get Jen Buxton to contribute her wonderfully fragile voice to this song and the rest of the guys seemed utterly drained and stoked in the same instant when they finally got to hear the finished product. As he was overseas at the time he heard it I think we may have put a split-second dampener on Sandy’s Cancun holiday. Sorry mate.






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