There is always a bit of anticipation when a band you like is about to release new material. There is always that little bit of excitement and intrigue to see what they have been up to in the studio. You also don’t know if maybe they have ventured down some weird spiritual path, leading to an album of funky yet soulful dance tracks. Most of the time that is definitely not the case and it is often a more improved and thought out version of why you liked the band in the first place. Which leads me perfectly onto my thoughts about the new Hometown release ‘Never Have I Ever’ that came out last month. This is a massive sounding pop release, which is sure to get you up and about and leave you singing along for days.

Melbourne’s own talented young pop/rock providers Hometown have just introduced us to their second release as a band titled ‘Never Have I Ever’. Continuing on their way with their trademark sound that gained them so many fans since their debut EP release ‘Heartbeats’ in 2011. ‘Never have I ever’ is everything a pop/rock listener wants to hear. They have outdone themselves yet again in providing another bunch of ridiculously catchy songs. After a few listens I can guarantee that you will be humming along for days. The Ep kicks off with an epic little build up intro before bursting into the single ‘Light It Up’. Hitting you straight up with a solid riff accompanied by a soaring guitar effect that features throughout the tracks to come. The vocals are clear and easily the center of attention as they should be in all good pop songs. With plenty of layers and backing tracks that help give the songs life, this also allows you a to try out your high notes as you sing along. A much more mature sound for Hometown and personally I feel it is a huge step in the right direction for the band to be heading in. ‘Never Have I Ever’ was recorded and produced at Grafete Studios in Melbourne with Daniel Kelaart. Yet another massive sounding local band to come out of that studio so he sure knows what he is doing down there. Hometown has also taken the opportunity to get some local talent to sing some guest vocals on a few tracks. Including appearances from Sam Tan (Have You Seen This Boy), Rebecca Hammond (We Rob Banks) and Daniel Kelaart (Remission Theory). With an intro and 4 tracks to follow, it almost feels like a sample plate with only bigger and better things to come. As they say I guess, short and sweet but it’s well worth checking out.

This is a quality release from Hometown, a great bunch of catchy tracks with a sound that you wouldn’t expect to hear from a local band. I would love to see the boys do a full-length release in the future after producing 2 very well received Eps. If you are into the ‘pop’ side of rock, then Hometown is the easily a band you need to check out. Grab yourself a copy of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and you will see what I mean. Good luck getting these songs out of your head!

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Rating:  25 / 28 Days




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