It is with great pleasure to announce the latest addition to Mannequin Republic’s roster, Ghosts on Broadway from Sydney!

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally great to get working with this special band. Managing director of Mannequin Republic, Tom Byrnes said, “I’m really hooked on the post-hardcore style Ghosts on Broadway bring to the table. I am very much looking forward to working on some upcoming projects, tours and band PR. I think the boys have a great future ahead of them.”

Ghosts on Broadway have been a band for a couple of years, have released two EPs and have become a real mainstay in the local Sydney scene and surrounding areas. Mannequin Republic’s aim is to help them reach new heights and get the band more exposed within the music industry nationwide. Ghosts on Broadway have shared the stage with some amazing bands such as Tonight Alive, Buried in Verona and Sienna Skies and are now headlining their own shows.

Ghosts on Broadway will join our small but strong roster of bands, Save The Clocktower(Tas), Trinatyde(Qld), Road to Ransome(Qld), The Endless Pandemic(Qld), and As Paradise Falls(Qld).



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