While we have been seeing a lot of bands wrapping things up over the last year or so, we are also now starting to see some very exciting new projects coming together with members of all these bands. Today we have an absolute ripper for you.

Cold Ground are a new punk/hardcore band our of Melbourne containing members of Declaration, At War With Gods and Samsara. They have just finished recording their debut EP and today have uploaded a track from the release to show us all what they are about.

Thanks for the support so far everyone. Please continue sharing to people who might like our music. Our 6 track EP was recorded the mighty Sam Johnson at three phase studios and is on its way back to us from being mastered in New York. Show announcements soon!

We can’t wait to see these guys in action, so make sure you check out the new track below and keep an eye on their Facebook page HERE for more updates and show announcements!




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