I’m reminded of a simple time when Christmas is on the horizon- you’ve been harping on to your parents about this ONE video game that you are dying to own and then BAM! It’s wrapped, sitting under the tree and it’s just a countdown until you get to unwrap that bad boy. When that time finally comes and you give it a run through- IT. IS. GLORIOUS. Not to go off on too big a tangent, but what a nice surprise it is when a release comes along that has the same name as one of those long anticipated video game classics from yesteryear. And, like its namesake- this is a tough, tough release. Uncompromising and furious- all the ingredients that a great release makes.

This City Ignites hail from Brisbane and with this release ‘Streets of Rage,’ they have created quite the nasty piece of work. With absolutely brutal breakdowns and furious vocals, this is one for the Hatebreed style of Hardcore lover in all of us. Throw some downtuned guitars, stuttering riffs, HUGE breakdowns and monstrous vocals into the mix and you have a very Mosh happy release- something to experience live for sure.

This release just doesn’t let up for a second- the fury on display in first track proper ‘Playing The Victim’ leads straight into the uncompromising ‘Demolisher’ and the eponymous ‘Streets of Rage.’ Our pick for best track is ‘The Marauder’- a beast of a song with one hell of an exercise in atmospherics, shattering vocals and precision drumming (Double Kick FTW!) Closing Track proper ‘Violenza’ ends the album with devastatingly heavy breakdowns to bookend a very consistent exercise in sheer brutality.

The mosh lover in all of us is going to seriously enjoy this release overall- one of the finest Mosh metal releases to pass through Chucking A Mosh in recent times. What an album!

Streets of Rage is out now through Skull and Bones Records

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Rating: 25/28 Days





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