It’s Friday, who’s ready to get tropical? We have some very good news for fans of Melbourne Party Band The Hawaiian Islands with the band putting up their new album, ‘Happy Endings’ for a FREE download. While the band have the tracks up for a FREE download, they have also got a donation system up for the record to help them cover costs, so if you can spare anything at all, the guys would very much appreciate it.


This album is our second and we are really proud of it. We saved up $3500 from playing shows all over Australia so we could pay for the studio time. Then Mike put the mastering cost on his credit card, that was $860 or something….so if you feel like donating some money in return for this music, we will appreciate it. If you want it for free, then go for it. We made this for you to enjoy….so share the love x 

You can check out the tracks below, and you can download your copy of Happy Endings HERE





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