You know that feeling when you head along to a local show one night and there might be four, maybe five bands on the bill? Might be a Saturday night, maybe a Wednesday- doesn’t matter really. The chances are you are going to see a few bands that may or may not be your cup of tea (provided you stay the whole night!). But usually there is always one who stands out. One band that just does their thing a little more intently, evoke a more primal feeling, involve the crowd a little more and exit with their fair share of attendees remembering their name above all others.

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Out Cold A.D would be that band, without a doubt. Their latest release ‘This Is Survival,’ certainly shows off their talent and skill at experimenting with the ‘Old Thing’ and making it new again. Every NZ native I’ve met has been the nicest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with, but these guys strike me as particularly nasty bastards.

Who here likes hardcore? Out Cold A.D CERTAINLY play hardcore, in much the same vein as Terror play hardcore- very well indeed. You like gang vocals, old school ethos, uncompromising vocals? Out Cold A.D certainly do that as well. Everything is going to script with the first couple of songs- good traditional HC with what you would expect from a release judging it from first appearances. Then they throw a massive curve ball in the mix that I certainly did not see coming!

Via some programming in third song ‘Modern Day Strain’ that made me instantly sit up and take notice, they craft a very, very sweet outro which made me check to see whether I had some pop up internet page playing some background music interfering with the song at hand. Then it leads straight into the 1 minute classic ‘I Hope’ that contains a very choice (!) solo and closing scream that is seriously powerful.

Kudos for the sheer awesomeness of ‘Blind Leading The Blind’ with great vocals leading into another little solo. Props for the great intro build up and sheer devastation of ’12.51.’ The rest of the album ends almost too quickly with ‘Constant Fight’ keeping the fury right up until the instrumental ‘Aftermath’ with its consistent riff build-up and doom laden piano atmospherics ending a release that is seriously, seriously good. This is easily one of the best local releases I have heard in a long time. Give us more!

This is Survival is out now through Pee Records

Out Cold A.D. on Facebook

Rating: 27/28 Days





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