In August 2012, Coerce went in to record their interim release ‘Genome’. Setting a pop up recording studio, Coerce tracked in the Old Council Chambers in the Carlton Trades Hall on Lygon Street. A building rich of history, it provided the appropriate location and canvas in which Coerce were to record.

Genome’s four tracks sonically explores a stripped bare “as is” approach in the recording/production process and musically travels back in time to where being “unsafe” really was ok. Contextually Genome is somewhat of a concept release moving through the inner and outer contexts of Melbourne’s city dwelling homeless. The days, the internal and external abuse, societal neglect and the circling drain.

Engineered and produced by the bands guitarist Mike Deslandes, mastered by Bob Weston (Chicago Mastering Service) and artwork by Matthew Adey, Genome is a limited run of 250 10″ vinyl and digital download up for pre-order now and set for physical release mid October 2012, backed with a national tour with Totally Unicorn.

Pre-orders available for purchase at Coerce bandcamp page by clicking HERE




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