For a long time now we have been pretty big fans of Melbourne hardcore band Crowned Kings. These guys have been working their asses off playing on a number of tours and have built up a huge fanbase all over the country. To top things off, the guys have just released their debut album ‘Wise Guys’ which already has people hanging out to see the band smash out the new tracks live. With the band now stepping to be one of the fastest rising forces to deal with in Australian Hardcore, we are incredibly proud to be announcing that Crowned Kings will be our Band of The Month for October.



Hailing from Melbourne, arguably the hardcore capital of Australia, Crowned Kings bring a brand of straight up aggressive hardcore that is hard to ignore. All of the members have come from a range of punk, hardcore and metal bands but all know that hardcore is the only music in their hearts and through that, have formed a strong bond to find their niche in the style of music they are currently making their own, this is proven with the quality of songs coming out of the recording studio.

Lyrically you will hear song written about current social issues, politics, relationships and the things that mean the most to the band about hardcore and why we should fight to keep the hardcore scene alive for generations to come. 

The future is sure to be bright and busy for the band, with a strong commitment from all members to continue to tour hard locally throughout Australia, and planning is underway to tour internationally throughout Asia, Europe, and USA. Commitment to new music is strong, as writing for future albums has already begun.

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Pick up a copy of Wise Guy HERE





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