I don’t know about the rest of our readers, but when I was a kid we were promised many things by the time the year 2000 rolled around. I seem to remember talk over flying cars, hover boards and even teleportation devices. Maybe it was just some crazy writers, combined with movies like Back to the Future, and TV series such as the Jetsons, that pumped our minds full of false hope of things to come, but even so, surely we can’t be too far off flying all over the place. Even though we may be deprived of our promised technologies at this point in time, we have just been given an exciting glimpse of divination. While it might not be a hover board the new In Hearts Wake’s brand new album has certainly managed to keep me happy until my flying car arrives.

Up until this album was slung across to us to be reviewed I hadn’t really heard on In Hearts Wake, but with their recent signing to the ever expanding UNFD Records, we knew that this record was going to be something worth wrapping our ears around. Leading out with an onslaught of riffs, this album bolts out of the gate and sets a brutal groove for the tracks to come. While mosh riffs have been done pumped out by every man and his dog before, it’s In Hearts Wake ability to inject a large amount of solid riffery into their songwriting that really makes them stand out from the crowd. Tracks like ‘Departure’ dish out some sound that would sit well in the glory days of metalcore, while that guys have shown their diversity with tracks like Inertia. The bands song structuring skills have set this album apart from other releases of their genre this year, and the little things, such as limiting the use of clean singing in choruses, have only enhanced the experience.

Every few months we get a record come across our desk that really surprises us and we can’t stop listening to. Divination is one of these albums. For fans of heavy music, this is sure to be one of their favourite releases for the year. The flow throughout this album is impressive, and lets the band showcase the wide range of talents, all while doing what they do best, writing heavy riffs. These guys seem to be really ramping things up at the moment with a number of big tours and support slots, and we can only see In Hearts Wake continuing to grow and show the countries youth that they are the real deal over the coming years.

Divination is out now through We Are Unified

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Rating: 23/28 days




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