Since the beginning on life on earth man has struggled to understand each other. There has always been rampant violent in every civilisation to exist on earth and even now, thousands of years down the track, we are still no better off. Greed and power can force people into doing some pretty crazy things, and while once these wants are embedded in your system as an adult there might not be much you can do to stop it, the children coming through societies can be raised in a way to open their minds to end this pattern of violence. Everyone has their own ideas on how their children should be raised, and with the internet out there to put forward the opinion of every man and his dog, no matter how ridiculous their ideas might be, it’s hard to know what is the right thing to do. A lot can be said for positive reinforcement and encouragement, this can lead to giving your child the confidence to put themselves out there in the world without the fear of being cut down. While we are not into negativity, it only took us one listen of the new record from Negative Reinforcement to realise that it’s not all a bad thing.

Hailing from Perth where many violently heavy bands have been spawned over recent years, Negative Reinforcement have been making a name for themselves for a fair while now getting ona heap of big shows and exposing themselves to the masses. While these guys put on a killer live show, the bands new one sided 12 inch, ‘Dog’, has managed to capture the bands sound in all it’s essence and we got us very excited. Leading in with a short spoken word into, like a backhanded slap to the side of the head, this experience is unleashed upon us. With speed and aggression oozing out of every track on this release it didn’t take long for a smile to creep across my face when I put this record on. Like all good records of this genre, this is a raw sounding record. The natural sounding drums combined with abrasive, yet clear tone of the guitars set up a good base which is then ripped to shreds by an onslaught of viscous vocals.

While may only be a very quick dive into the experience that is Negative Reinforcement, if you’re a fan of your power violence then you are going to love this band. We were thoroughly impressed with ‘Dog’, and feel that this exciting band are able to compete with the many heavyweights of their genre that have exploded out of their home city in years gone past. With another short release set for release in the near future, we can’t wait to hear more out of this band, and hopefully see these guys making the long trip over the the east coast soon to show this countries youth how things should be done.

Dog is out now on Coffin Cut Records

Negative Reinforcement on Facebook

Rating: 24/28 Days




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