Is it just me, or does it seem like over the past few years, the small island state of Tasmania has quite honestly vomited out a bunch of great music? Now forgive my ignorance, but if you asked me closer to the start of the century to name five prominent bands from Tassie, my answer would have been “The Nation Blue, The Nation Blue, The Nation Blue, The Nation Blue and The Nation Blue” but move forward the better part of a decade, and some of this country’s best music is coming from beyond Bass Strait and giving the rest of us a run for our big city money!

In Autumn of this year, Hobart based melodic punks Your Demise unveiled the follow up to their 2009 EP, This Road Takes Me Home, with their debut full length entitled Brothers In Arms. It’s been a while between drinks, or in this case, releases for Your Demise. The past three years, however, did not go to waste. The band played countless shows at home and up the east coast, had the chance to support some international punk rock heavyweights, the likes of Strike Anywhere, Against Me!, Strung Out and NOFX while building a dedicated and loyal following, spanning across the country.

Brothers In Arms is a striking example of Tasmanian punk rock. In keeping with their home state contemporaries, the likes of The Scandal, Ride The Tiger, Ballpoint and Luca Brasi, just to name a few, the album is overflowing with all the traits you’d expect to hear utilised by a punk rock band from this part of the world. Rough, catchy melodies, dense chord qualities, Australiana tinged vocals and insightful and retrospective lyricism. What surprised me with this record was just how much Your Demise have shifted focus to the melodic elements to their sound. Catchy, anthemic choruses laden in perfectly executed harmonies, which at times would make you think the Your Demise dudes listen to more of The Police then they lead on. This backed with some great Hot Water Music style rhythmic parts filling in the gaps between the gritty, melodic punk rock parts the band have built their reputation on, make for an interesting listen, and a refreshing take on a genre that, despite my utter love for it, has admittedly been done to death by bands that bring a lot less to the table than Your Demise have on offer.

I was pleasantly surprised by just how well written and arranged the songs that make up Brothers In Arms are. Having only heard the band once before this at one of the shows on their most recent East Coast jaunt, it was great to hear just how well Your Demise capture the feel of their super tight live set. Fans of bands in the vein of Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Banner Pilot, Former Cell Mates and our very own A Death In The Family and Luca Brasi, should get a real kick out of giving this disc a whole bunch of spins! It will be interesting to see where Your Demise take things after such a solid debut full length.

Brothers in Arms is out now through the band.

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Rating: 24/28 Days





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