Melbourne based punk rock outfit “Floating Roach” have reformed and reunited with their 2009 line up after a 3 and a half year split from slamming stages before a live audience and recording.

Forming in early 2006 Floating Roach profusely recorded demo’s, gigged and toured throughout southern Australia, playing copious shows throughout Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Floating roach officially self released 2 full length albums “Enjoy” (2007) and “The White Wooly Wolf” (2009) (both still available for digital download) as well as being featured on compilation albums “punkocalypes” & “Fist Full of punk Volume 1”. Floating Roach were a part of the 2008 “Punk kills tour” through regional and metropolitan south Australia and Victoria and have unofficially released an array of free EP’s Demos and samplers.¬†Besides all the bands dedication and hard work, in march 2009 the bad sadly called it quits due to “personal troubles” in the band.

“Back in 2009 we were very different people to what we are today” Explains Mark (bass/vox) “Getting the band back together has been a great experience for all of us, it’s been like a family reunion hugs and all”. The band has been rehearsing and preparing for their return in addition to this also are currently half way through recording a brand new album currently titled “agnak”.¬†“The whole three years we weren’t playing shows I continued writing music for the band always with the hope of a reunion but by the time everyone was keen to do the band again we had enough songs to record 4 albums. We picked the songs we liked and got into a studio as quick as possible.” – Mark

Floating Roach are currently in the studio working with a great young audio engineer Jesse Lennon.

“I’m real happy with the sound” states drummer Matt Woolhouse (also of thrash metal band desecrator) “It’s raw and punchy and not at all over produced”¬†“We’ve never really been 100% happy with the end product of any album we have ever done before but so far I’m real stoked on this album… It’s sounding rad” – Mark
The band has scheduled the album release to be late 2012/early 2013 and have confirmed that they will be doing some live shows to correspond with the albums release, a live album is also on the cards.




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