It seems like forever that bands and artists have had a deep and loving relationship with using numbers in their names or song/album titles. Leading the charge for young punk bands around the world had to be the all mighty Blink-182. Rock legends Pearl Jam released the classic “Ten” Album in the 90’s, and then Jay-Z decided he wanted in and told us all about his 99 Problems. Now it seems Dead Joe are looking to get some numbers action by releasing their debut Ep “6”. A popular number in many ways and so many reasons come to mind. It could be in honor of the recent NBA champ Lebron James who wears the number 6, or it could be the fact that I know they love a drink and beer is traditionally sold in a 6 pack. The sealing fact for me is that acting superstar Sly Stallone was born on July 6, and this year turned 66. Now what are the odds of that? I am pretty convinced that this is why they went with 6 or it could just be the fact that there are 6 tracks. Either way Dead Joe’s debut Ep “6” is killer and well worth getting your hands on for a listen.

This is Dead Joe, a hard-hitting punk/rock band from Adelaide, Australia. Sticking to what they do best, they continue to provide us with some good old fashion rock tunes. The boys have played alongside some massive names all across Australia and will only continue to gather more fans as they continue to release mind-blowing tunes like these. Embracing the darker side of life and love and sharing it with everyone through an aggressive yet poetic style of punk/rock. Loaded with plenty of power driven riffs you can feel an energy that is sure to keep your head moving and your foot tapping. Frontman and bassist Mick Manning has really shot life into the band by stepping up to take over the lead vocals and has not disappointed at all. All the tracks on “6” are very well structured and build and flow in all the right places which is the perfect formula for a great rock song. They have also slipped in a cheeky bonus track that might give you a little insight into their thoughts on life in Adelaide. I wont go into it too much but judging from the lyrics they don’t seem to be too happy about it. It is quite humerous and is definitely worth a listen so check it out and you can make up you own mind.

This is simply a great bunch of tracks. Living the life of true punk rockers, sex, drugs and rock’n roll with tattoos a plenty, Dead Joe is the real deal. I have seen these guys play live a few times now and they have done a great job to capture their live sound and energy and put it down onto disc. If you like your music played hard and loud with catchy choruses full of harmonies and crew vocals, then grab yourself a copy, put your fist up in the air and start belting out these songs like you know you want to!

“Punk rock and cigarettes I’ll never let you go, cause I won’t stay young forever. I’ll never die alone.” -Mick Manning

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Rating: 24/28 Days






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