Today we are excited to see our mates in Marathon releasing their new EP, Worlds Apart / Prayer To God. This is the follow up to Marathon’s I’ll Never Look At You The Same Way 7” EP, released on Midnight Funeral Records earlier this year. The two new tracks have been self-released by the band digitally, and herald the full immersion and influence of new members, Michael Nix (vocals) and Stuart Ross (drums).

Worlds Apart has featured in Marathon’s live set for a while, undergoing a metamorphosis at the hands of Michael and Stuart. The song is an oilrig on fire, fuelled by frantic drums and grinding bass. It crashes back and forth between Bay Area riffage and hollowed out noise-rock, consolidated by Nix’s cathartic roar. Worlds Apart ends like an imploding building, bringing to mind Breach or early Nation Blue. It slams into the ground over the nihilistic mantra; “All that you think means nothing.”

Track two is a multi-layered cover of Shellac’s anti-anthem, Prayer To God. Nix shows his restrained side, crooning over atmospheric guitars reminiscent of Earth or Pygmy Lush. Max Buchanan of Palisades provides Morricone-esque trumpet, creating a bleak yet beautiful soundscape.

The EP is available for streaming and download at HERE Purchase includes full artwork and lyrics. I’ll Never Look At You The Same Way and their debut EP, Never Safe (Arrest Records, 2010) are also available as free downloads. Marathon plan to enter the studio at the end of 2012 to record their first LP.





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