As I sit here and write this review during the closing hours of a chilly Sunday night, I can feel that awful feeling that many like myself feel around this time every week. That horrid and uneasy feeling of Monday morning looming, and the dreaded realisation that in just a few hours, I am about to begin the start of yet another working week. I start to ask myself questions such as “did I really make the most of my two days off?” and “if I could do this weekend over again, would I do it differently?” and so on, and truthfully the answer is more than likely always “Dan, you spent Saturday getting pissed, went to go see Kill The Matador play on Saturday night and proceeded to get more pissed, than stayed out till ungodly hours on Sunday morning, only to stay in bed with your girlfriend until about 2 in the afternoon when you both realised you wanted pizza” and generally, I am quite content with how I bridged Friday to the following Monday. This particular weekend, however, I was lucky enough to also finally get around to listening to the debut record from Melbourne’s Aitches, semi-relevantly titled Stay In Bed, and it definitely made my days of all the more worthwhile!

Aitches are undoubtedly a talented bunch of dudes. They make melodic punk rock that, in my humble opinion, rings true to bands like Descendents/ALL, Bodyjar, Lagwagon, Face To Face and even at times older Foo Fighters. It’s catchy, it’s infectious and despite some obvious influences shining through, still glows with originality in it’s own right. It’s been a pretty great year for the quartet, who have not only launched their debut single ‘Trouble’, as well as the full length itself to packed rooms of intrigued punters, but have also found themselves on a bunch of headline shows, not to mention a brief stint into the world of playing major touring festivals!

Stay In Bed kicks into gear from the very second you hit play. Opener and aforementioned single “Trouble” gets things under way, and really sets the tone for the rest of the 15 song record. Though the band don’t stray to far from super melodic, mid-pace punk rock songs, there is little room for monotony with just about every track bringing its own little niche to the table. Instrumentally, Aitches are rock solid, and manage to keep away from overusing standard four chord punk rock, and in a very Descendents-esque way manage to put together some very interesting and diverse song structuring and riffery. This is all drenched in the insanely catchy, almost Joey Cape style melodies of front man Brad Young, who some older punks might recall singing for Melbourne pop punk legends Game Over around the turn of the century. Inevitably, you will be humming along to the choruses on the record alone before you even know what the words are.

One of the main things that seems really evident throughout the entirety of Stay In Bed, is just how much care and time has been put into crafting the songs that make up the albums track list. There are a thousand bands that can throw a bunch of riffs together, but there is a lot to be said about a band that can piece together well written and memorable songs and Aitches do just that. This is a record that deserves to be the soundtrack to your next skate park session, a record to throw on when your enjoying some beers in your best mates backyard, or just as easily and terribly ironically, record to listen to first thing on a Monday morning to get out of bed and start your day too. Solid stuff!

Stay in Bed is available now through the band. 

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Rating: 24/28 Days






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