Music has got to be one of the greatest things that we can have in our lives. Something that can change the way we feel and even motivate us in just a matter of seconds. There is nothing like putting on a set of headphones to lose yourself in the music no matter what time of day or what’s going on in the crazy world that we live in. Whether you want to get yourself up and about with some intense riffage or to just take your mind to another place, music is the perfect tool that can take you there and back. If you ever find yourself in a position where you are looking for something to get you in that feel good mood, then I’m pretty sure I have something for you. I would recommend that you get The Spinset into your life.

I would like to introduce you all to The Spinset who are yet another talented young pop/punk band who base themselves out of the wonderful city of Melbourne, Australia. They have been around for a couple of years playing shows and are now starting to build up speed and take the next step into their musical careers with the release of their debut Ep. “Creatures” is the first release for The Spinset and lets them showcase their ear friendly sound for you with five very well structured and catchy tracks. It’s a very smooth and clean-cut style of pop/punk, the kind that you could take home and introduce to your mum. All the songs on here are upbeat and full of life, which instantly takes you away to a happy place and keeps you in a good mood. With such a familiar sound it’s so very easy to get straight into these tracks and start singing along with every soaring chorus. The boys have also managed to grab a guest vocal performance from The Dangerous Summers AJ Perdomo on the track “This Is The Time”. Its so great to hear such promising music is still coming out of young Melbourne bands, this is definitely something you should get your hands on if you are into the local pop/punk scene.

The Spinset have provided you with all that you could ask for when it comes to a pop/punk release. These songs are extremely catchy and are jam packed with loads of harmonies and emotion driven lyrics. These guys have done a great job in self-recording and producing these tracks and should be extremely proud with what they have released as a debut Ep. For me “Creatures” is perfect sunny day listening, but even if the sun isn’t out id say just crank it up and it will make you feel good anyway! Enjoy.

Creatures is available now through the band.

The Spinset on Facebook

Rating: 23/28 Days




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