This week our Show of The Week features the live debut of an exciting new band out of Melbourne called Bloodwolves. This band is made up of a heap experience members of other local outfits like TrophyKnife, At War With Gods and Bateman. Due to a last minute change, Praty Vibez have been replaced with local heroes Bear Witness. This is going to be a fun night of partying, and with Distant Wreck, Grim Rhythm and Soil and Ash rounding out the lineup, fans of local music are in for a real treat.

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Welcome to the party!! Shake off the Thursday night Winter blues and be completedly wrecked for work on Friday.

Bear Witness (party / uberhardcore)

Distant Wreck (hardcore / darkness)

Grim Rhythm (stoner / smokeup)Soil & Ash (black metal / nature)Bloodwolves (first show / bloodthirst)

$10 entry, 18+, bring friends and questionable types.




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  1. Razornoose says:

    Tomorrow night!!!!


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