As we work our way through yet another winter, we are all now set into our routines for how to keep warm and survive until the warm weather is once again upon us. One little thing that a lot of people are a fan of in the colder time of the year is sitting down and enjoying a good cup of tea. After a few sips your whole body is heated up and you’re ready to attack the world again. Maybe our love from tea comes from our English heritage dating all the way back to when a few members a little further up our family trees were chasing a free feed, but wound up getting put on boats and shipped to Australia. While this is one of the good things that have come to us from the English, one thing that the English are well known for that we are glad we didn’t wind up with is their lack of dental hygiene. Straight teeth may very well be our thing, but when we got a copy of Crooked Teeth, the new album from mosh superstars House vs Hurricane, in the mail, we were rather happy to have it around.

After taking a bit of a break, House vs Hurricane are back, and this time they have really stepped things up. Ditching the key mosh and bringing a new frontman into the mix, Crooked Teeth welcomes a more mature sound that has got no only us, but all of their fans very excited. The band are well know for their mosh riffs, and they are still there, but this album is different. Taking a more stripped back approach to recording Crooked Teeth, this album has a warm feel to it. Recorded with infamous Machine in New Jersey, everything on this record has a slightly different sound to it than we have grown to expect from the band. The guitars have real bite rather than just effects and distortion, the drums have a more natural sounding tone, and the vocals rip though the mix leaving your eardrums feeling like they have been given a massage with a happy ending. The band are still churning out some highly aggressive mosh, but the thing that has seen this band move to the next level has been their song arranging ability. Many bands are mixing up their heavy riffs with clean vocal choruses at the moment, however, very few of them are making the sound their own like House vs Hurricane are doing. Where albums of this genre can sometimes drag and be repetitive, the structure of this recording takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of heavy aggressiveness, and slower tracks, that will have everyone listening to this album from start to finish every single time.

While I thought I knew what I was going to be getting when I first got my hands on this recording, I was actually quite surprised with what I heard. Some people may have pre conceived ideas about what this record might sound like based on the bands past performances, and if you are one of these people, I urge you to have a good listen before you pass judgement. Crooked Teeth is a ripping release for House vs Hurricane which has already seen the band snag themselves a spot on the next Big Day Out, and is likely to gain them a lot of respect with some of the older heads in the Hardcore and Metal community. I get the feeling that many people will be surprised with this record and we will see Crooked Teeth popping up in a few lists for releases for the year in a few months time.

Crooked Teeth is out now through We Are Unified.

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Rating: 24/28 Days





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