Let me take you on a journey back to a time when mankind was first created. Way back when it was believed a couple of naked people were playing around with an evil snake and a magical apple tree. Even back then there seemed to be some kind of a battle of the minds between animal and man but little did they know it was about to evolve into an all out war for many years to come. When I started looking into this I was surprised to find how many great battles had gone down over the course of our short history. Some instances so huge that they have shaped the world into the way we see it today. Surely nobody will ever be able to trust a gopher after what Bill Murray went through on Caddyshack. Bugs Bunny just down right screwed with Elmer Fudd for years, and who could ever forget the great Samuel L. Jackson and his epic battle against a plane full of deadly poisonous snakes. Now I may have read slightly too much into the title, but that shouldn’t change the fact that this is a massive album that is well worth getting your hands on and checking out.

So for those of you who don’t already know about Army Of Champions, they are a Brisbane based five piece that got together in 2009 to start their journey into the wonderful world that is punk rock. In 2011, Arrest Records Australia decided to release the first Army Of Champions Ep ‘If Only Just To Hold’. This Ep got these boys off to a great start and the fan base was starting to build. They continued to smash out shows for the remainder of the year also finding the time to sit down and write a bunch of killer tracks that would then become their debut album “Animal Versus Man”. Straight up this album has a great feel to it that really captures the emotions of the band, and takes you along for the ride with them. Embracing that classic American rock sound and adding a touch of punk influence to create this upbeat yet soulful album that proves there are some great Australian bands out there that can still write a solid album. This is sure to provide your ears with everything you could ask for, huge dirty sounding guitars, loads of energy and plenty of sing along choruses to attempt in the car.

Like any good rock album its just one of those recordings that you just have to keep turning up louder and tapping along to. Animal Versus Man is packed with loads of variety that will keep you interested along every step of the way and I am sure you will find yourself going back for another listen again and again. Also, anyone who can get away with adding a bit of sexy saxophone into the mix has got to be a winner in my books. I would say that this is pretty much the definition of driving music, so load up the car and take it for a spin.

Also, congratulations to Army Of Champions for been named the Chucking a Mosh “Band of The Month” for July 2012.

Grab yourself a copy of ‘Animal Versus Man’ from Arrest Records.

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Rating: 25 / 28 Days





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